About us

Precision Vaccinations is on a five-year journey to enable​ the delivery of DNA-based vaccines. This journey has three goals:

  • Encourage ​doctors, nurses and pharmacists to reduce over-vaccinations.
  • ​Empower people ​with trustworthy information ​to make more informed vaccination decisions.
  • Establish a national provider network to deliver personalized vaccines that maximize immunization​, and reduce overall healthcare costs​.


Mission Statement

Empower doctors, nurses and pharamcists with information and applications to maximize each person's immunization, and reduce overall healthcare costs.



Precision Vaccinations, LLC. (PV) is a Content-as-a-Service publisher of trusted immunization information. PV publishes research-based ​news that is vetted for commercial bias, clinical relevance, and ‘main-street’ comprehension ​by doctors, nurses and pharmacists​.​

Both patients and healthcare providers can trust PV’s content to help reduce over-vaccinations.

“Enhancing health literacy and building trust in digital media is critical for the public to discern what vaccination information to believe,” said Donald Hackett, publisher. “​Often in journalism, we focus on the wrong things. ​​​

“​Given today’s "fake news" debate, it is important for patients to rely upon doctors, nurses and pharmacists as trusted sources for immunization news.”


Why Precision Vaccinations?

Precision Vaccinations deploys an innovative crowd-sourced publishing model to create original content that is trustworthy, understandable, and actionable by both healthcare providers and patients.

PV unique publishing model achieves these goals:

  • Trusted - only licensed providers edit our content, delivering 100% transparency
  • Understandable - our clinical information is written with a positive voice, translated into "main street" conversation
  • Timely - breaking research is contextually integrated into the news as it is published;
  • Superior UX- each article is designed with uniform navigation, offering a consistent learning experience


Did You Know


Editorial Standards



​Vaccination Insights for Patients

Vaccination Insights for Providers

  • is a “real-time information network” publishing curated summaries of immunization research and related news providers can trust. Vaccination Insights aggregates information from the CDC, FDA, WHO and highlights which studies are trending among their peers.

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Managing Editor

Precision Vaccination's publisher, Don Hackett has been publishing digital health information for many years. Don’s editorial perspective focuses on publishing information that is easily understood, and actionable by the readers. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]  


Medical Advisory Team

The Medical Advisory Team works closely with pharmacists, doctors and nurses across a broad range of specialty areas to ensure Precision Vaccinations published content is accurate, actionable, and understandable.



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The Future 

Similar to the ‘Precision Medicine initiative’, the Precision Vaccination project is an innovative approach for disease prevention. Gene-based vaccines that amplify immunity, has always been attractive to scientists and public health leaders.

Precision Vaccinations is focused on publishing information regarding how individual’s genes, their environment and personal lifestyle impact their quality of health.

While some advances in research have been made, the clinical information systems are not currently in use for ‘main-street’ delivery of precision vaccines by doctors, nurses or pharmacists. We will get there, soon!


Comments and Concerns

Your comments and concerns are important to us. We will respond to your request within two business days. Please send an email to [email protected].  If you would like to discuss anything, please call me at 512-627-4121.

Thank you,

Don Hackett