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33% of Children From Zika-infected Mothers Impacted

December 12, 2022 • 10:53 pm CST
by Manhal M.
(Zika News)

Recent research based in Brazil and published in The Lancet Regional Health – Americas reported that about 33% of children born to Zika-infected mothers presented with at least one abnormality compatible with exposure to the Zika virus before birth.

Published on November 30, 2022, and using data from the Zika Brazilian Cohorts Consortiumthis, this meta-analysis of 13 cohorts study found the most common manifestations included neurological impairments, such as seizures or problems with moving or swallowing, brain imaging abnormalities, altered hearing and vision, and microcephaly.

The absolute risks were:

  • 2.6% for microcephaly at birth or first evaluation,
  • 4.0% for microcephaly at any time during follow-up,
  • 7.9% for neuroimaging abnormalities,
  • 18.7% for functional neurological abnormalities,
  • 4.0% for ophthalmic abnormalities,
  • 6.4% for auditory abnormalities,
  • 0.6% for arthrogryposis, and,
  • 1.5% for dysphagia.

This risk was similar in all sites studied and in different socioeconomic conditions, indicating that there are not likely to be other factors modifying this association.

This study's funding originated from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - Brazil and others.