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repRNA Vaccination Candidate Against Zika Produced Immunological Response

March 27, 2023 • 5:53 am CDT
by Waqutiar Rahaman
(Zika News)

HDT Bio Corp. announced the peer-reviewed publication of preclinical data demonstrating that its self-amplifying replicon mRNA (repRNA) vaccines, delivered via HDT Bio's proprietary LION nanoparticle formulation, provide robust maternal and neonatal immunogenicity against two pathogens with high mother-to-child transmission risk: HIV-1 and Zika virus.

The study, funded by NIAID and led by researchers at HDT Bio in collaboration with Duke University and the Seattle Children's Research Institute, investigated the potential for HDT Bio's repRNA/LION platform technology to elicit an immune response against infectious diseases transmitted from mother to child. 

"The transmission of certain viruses from mother to developing fetus poses a significant risk to newborns," said Steven Reed, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of HDT Bio, in a press release on March 24, 2023. 

"These data demonstrate that the vaccines derived from our repRNA/LION platform technology have the potential to offer protection not only to the vaccinated individual but also to their offspring."

"Moreover, our platform has several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, safety, and stability at refrigeration temperatures."

"This reduces barriers for distribution of our vaccines to developing nations where these diseases are endemic, making them accessible to those who need them most."

The data were published in the journal Molecular Therapy in the article "Evaluation of repRNA vaccine for induction and in utero transfer of maternal antibodies in a pregnant rabbit model."