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Nicaragua river bank
Prior Zika infection does significantly increase your risk of severe forms of dengue disease
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Zika vaccine candidate VRC5283 provided protection from ZIKV challenge in mice
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Hercules Pharmaceuticals AhR inhibitor HP163 reduces viral replication in animals infected with Zika virus
young baby
Head circumference is a measure of In Utero Zika Virus exposure
pregnant mom looking at her babies crib
Zika infection during pregnancy can cause congenital conditions in infants
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Puerto Rico has confirmed locally acquired Zika cases
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Zika virus particles were able to successfully enter vaginal epithelial cells through the UFO receptor
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Zika virus infection can result in atypical disease leading to severe outcomes
pregnant lady on beach in Puerto rico
Puerto Rico reported 7 Zika virus cases during 2020
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Moderna Zika vaccine mRNA1893 low dose levels found very effective