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Budapest map March 2023
Hungary has not reported domestic Zika virus infections
Zika Virus Caribbean Islands
Zika virus confirmed in Barbados Puerto Rico Costa Rico
Zika cases 2022
PAHO reported 37,869 Zika cases in 2022
Zika infection while pregnant causes health risk
Zika vaccine candidates remain in clinical studies
Brazil beach mosquitoes
Zika virus-specific IgM elicited in pregnancy exhibits ultrapotent neutralization
Children school
Preschool neurodevelopment in Zika exposed children
infection cycle
Zika mutation NS2B I39V/I39T boosts the ability to replicate
Indian women working on a tea plantation
Zika virus vaccines continue clinical trials
sun set over key west
Oxitec 2nd Generation Friendly Aedes aegypti carries a self-limiting gene that prevents female offspring from surviving allowing for male-only production
pregnant lady at the beach sun setting wind blowing
Zika congenital infections were confirmed in fetuses and neonates from mothers with prolonged viremia