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Pregnant women diagnosed with Zika virus are being monitored by the Florida health department
International travelers continued to return to the USA infected with the Zika virus during 2019
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DNA vaccine VRC5283 reduced Zika viremia in terms of both magnitude and duration
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Maternal vaccination against Zika virus delivered protective immunity in mice
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Effective secretion of NS1 is critical for immunogenicity against systemic Zika virus infection
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A viral protein called NS2A orchestrates the Zika virus assembly by protease
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Congenital Zika Syndrome characterized by microcephaly and central nervous system abnormalities
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Pregnant women should delay visiting Zika endemic countries
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By replicating human patients' mutations in flies, researchers uncovered one way that Zika virus leads to microcephaly in unborn children
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Zika virus future migration mapped for Europe and South America