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Effective secretion of NS1 is critical for immunogenicity against systemic Zika virus infection
orechestra leader
A viral protein called NS2A orchestrates the Zika virus assembly by protease
dad holding the hand of his toddler
Congenital Zika Syndrome characterized by microcephaly and central nervous system abnormalities
pregant women in the field new mountains
Pregnant women should delay visiting Zika endemic countries
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By replicating human patients' mutations in flies, researchers uncovered one way that Zika virus leads to microcephaly in unborn children
world globe
Zika virus future migration mapped for Europe and South America
map of california and Mexico
California Department of Public Health confirmed 30 Zika cases from international travelers in 2019
nice france
Hyeres City France reports third Zika virus case in 2019 with no travel history to Zika endemic countries
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Puerto Rican infants cognitive development reported impaired by Zika virus infection 
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Zika virus confirmed in second Hyères City resident, Var department, France