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La Jolla Institute for Immunology researchers report immune system T cells can prevent Zika infection in mice
belly of a pregnant women with the sun shining on it
Genetic factors can make a women’s placenta less capable of protecting a fetus from Zika infection
mosquito biting  a person
SC Johnson Mosquito Shield’s active ingredient is Transfluthrin
baby shower party for boy
Zika virus vaccines continue early stage studies
young infant sleeping in crib
Breastfeeding represents an important mother-to-child transmission route of health benefits
puerto rico fort on the water
Puerto Rico continues reporting local Zika virus cases in 2020
Nicaragua river bank
Prior Zika infection does significantly increase your risk of severe forms of dengue disease
pregnant mom holding hands with husband
Zika vaccine candidate VRC5283 provided protection from ZIKV challenge in mice
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Hercules Pharmaceuticals AhR inhibitor HP163 reduces viral replication in animals infected with Zika virus
young baby
Head circumference is a measure of In Utero Zika Virus exposure